eBay to Integrate Crypto Payments

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E-commerce giant eBay will add support for payments in cryptocurrencies as early as March of this year, The Street has reported.

The company CEO Jamie Iannone has noted the new payment method is intended to attract younger customers:

“On March 10, we’ll dive into all of these things, payments, advertising, our main categories.”

Multiple surveys show millennials are the most crypto-friendly demographic group, which explains eBay’s plans to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Prior to this, the popular e-commerce platform shied away from the integration of cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that in May 2021 it started to engage in non-fungible tokens.

The company, which was founded in September 1995, was mulling over the idea of ​​adopting Bitcoin back in 2013, when the crypto was just being born.

There were suggestions that eBay was ready to accept cryptocurrencies in 2019, however, the company quickly denied these rumors.

Louis Adams

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