Number of Non-zero Bitcoin Wallets Exceeds 40 Million

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Blockchain analytical firm Glassnode has reported the number of Bitcoin addresses with a non-zero balance has hit an all-time high of 40,276,163.

According to the company’s experts, while the mark of 40 million addresses with balances in BTC was overcome earlier this month, a new record was set yesterday. At the same time, Glassnode has reported that the indicator has accelerated its growth in the last couple of months.

After a significant increase and the same sharp drop in the number of wallets with a non-zero balance in BTC in 2018, the indicator is growing steadily. In mid-2021, some stagnation in the number of wallets was recorded, however, growth has accelerated again in recent months.

817,445 wallets hold at least 1 BTC. The company analysts have also noted a significant increase in the number of Bitcoins that are stored on wallets and have not been moved from 3 to 5 years. Now the number of such inactive BTC exceeds 2.8 million.

Louis Adams

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