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Gaming Levels Up: Xsolla Founder Launches X.LA Foundation on Blockchain

ByLouis Adams

Feb 18, 2022 #Blockchain
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Xsolla Founder Aleksandr “Shurick” Agapitov announced today the launch of X.LA Foundation, a community-driven organization designed to democratize how creators benefit from their work by utilizing novel technologies and concepts of Web3.

”Most creators cannot afford the legal representation needed to protect their own work,” Agapitov said. “X.LA seeks to level the playing field for those creators so they have as much stake in the success of their ventures as producers and distributors.”

“All contractors, influencers, content creators, inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers are welcome to X.LA,” Aleksandr said.

“Creators are natural visionaries,” Agapitov said. “Now, as interest in NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies grow, they’re seeing the opportunities in the Metaverse and X.LA is here to make that future a reality.”

About X.LA

The X.LA Foundation leverages blockchain and Web3 technologies to make smart revenue-sharing contracts available to creators around the world. By democratizing rights ownership and management, X.LA eliminates the need for costly legal services and levels the playing field between creators and distributors.  For more information, visit https://x.la.

About Xsolla

Xsolla is the video game commerce company powered by Transaction Engine and Business Engine to help developers and publishers market, sell, connect, and optimize their games globally. Serving only the video game industry, the Xsolla Transaction Engine and Business Engine work seamlessly together to solve the complexities of distribution, marketing, and monetization so developers, publishers, and platform partners can increase their audience, sales, and revenue. The product suite caters to businesses from indie to enterprise with Xsolla Pay Station and its #1 Anti-fraud solution, Xsolla Partner Network, Xsolla Site Builder, Xsolla Store, Xsolla Login, and Xsolla Launcher. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices worldwide, Xsolla operates as a merchant and seller of record for major gaming entities including Valve, Twitch, Ubisoft, Epic Games, and PUBG Corporation. For more information, visit https://xsolla.com/.

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