• February 28, 2024


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Vitalik Buterin Says Canadian Authorities Actions Show Why Cryptos are Needed

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Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has not justified the actions of the protesters in Canada, but has noted the measures of the authorities clearly illustrate why cryptocurrencies exist. In an interview with CoinDesk, he has called decentralized systems “the return of the rule of law.” He said:

“If truckers block roads and it destroys the economy, well, blocking roads is against the law, and there are laws for this case. If the government does not want to follow the laws and give people a chance to protect themselves, this is an example of how decentralized technologies are designed to make it harder for them. This is not about lawlessness. In a sense, this is the return of the rule of law.”

According to him, cryptos are not a radical technology – they are designed to restore justice. Buterin has stressed the police and the government can operate within the legal framework, and the practice of using financial intermediaries to prosecute suspects is contrary to the letter of the law.