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QuantumTech is Available for Trading on P2PB2B

ByLouis Adams

Jan 24, 2022 #NFTs
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QuantumTech: What is it?

QuantumTech is a blockchain game platform that offers many play-to-earn blockchain games that are linked to the project’s NFT market. NFTs are included in each game as characters, equipment, tools, or whatever else the game requires. Visitors can browse the site’s games, find games they like, and begin playing and earning right away.

What makes it unique?

There are many games to choose from. Games can be played as a long-term investment or as a quick-win game where you can increase your advantage immediately. After you’ve had a chance to play the game for a while, you can head to QuantumTech’s marketplace for NFTs to boost your performance, unlock additional game modes, be eligible for tournaments, and add custom aesthetics. Got a game already? The platform allows developers to transform existing games into blockchain games. 

All in-game and market purchases will be made with Quantum ($QUA), the native token of the platform. At the heart of the ecosystem is the QuantumTech Marketplace. It will allow users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs exclusively related to its games. As soon as you receive your NFT, you can use it in a variety of games on our platform, since the platform’s NFTs can be shared among its games.  You can easily keep track of your possessions in your wallet by keeping each NFT you purchase in your inventory.


  • Max Supply: QUA
  • Treasury: 339.841.453 QUA
  • Team: 100.000.000 QUA
  • Circulation: 560.158.547 QUA

QuantumTech will maintain the token burning process.

By the way, QuantumTech is available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. If you have an interest in this project, you have a fantastic chance to become a member of its community.

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