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TraDAO Looks to Become First Protocol to Be Compatible With DeFi 2.0 And Web 3.0

ByLouis Adams

Jan 24, 2022 #DeFi
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TraDAO Protocol is a community protocol with a high level of security, user awareness, capital efficiency, and effective liquidity mining. It entails making a lot of money via initial offerings, generating vast amounts of rebase rewards, and taking advantage of the secondary bond market. This innovative and seemingly profitable product is now available to all Trava Knights.

Trava Finance is the planet’s very first fully decentralized marketplace meant to be used for the purposes of cross-chain lending. Unlike many other approaches which are often restrictive, Trava provides a flexible mechanism through which consumers may design and manage their own respective lending pools in order to begin a lending business. Lastly, Trava is deployed on BSC and enables lending with various BSC tokens before allowing cross-chain lending with numerous tokens on Ethereum alongside all sorts of other blockchain networks.

What is TraDAO?

In terms of what it is, TraDAO is the world’s inaugural protocol to offer multi-chain deployment in DeFi 2.0, as well as being Web 3.0 compliant. It therefore involves Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), accruing value through Trava Treasury-regulated operations like bonding along with auto-compound staking. Also, as a product in the Trava ecosystem, the liquidity controlled by the protocol might be put in the Trava Lending Pool to produce extra profit, which will be subsequently shared amongst those in the Trava ecosystem.

Additionally, the TraDAO Protocol shall create a decentralized reserve currency known as TOD. The TOD token is supported via a basket of assets in the Trava Treasury, ensuring that it does not fall beneath its initial value of USD 1. The TOD token will thus be distributed using the ‘Mint & Burn’ technique, which will be exclusively maintained by the protocol itself. Finally, when compared to competing efforts in the DeFi 2.0 sector, TraDAO Protocol strives to provide consumers with a number of distinct advantages such as ‘Bond Installment’, ‘Wallet Reputation’, ‘Secondary Bond Marketplace’, and ‘Multi-Chain Deployment’.

TraDAO Public Offering

The public offering of $TOD tokens shall commence in early February, 2022. The service allows TraDAO Protocol to be run and managed by its community. The team is hence launching two public offering rounds to provide its loyal users and prospective investors greater possibilities to participate in the TraDAO Protocol at the very beginning. Participants in both rounds will have to purchase $TOD tokens in BUSD.

Moreover, Trava shall provide USD 50,000 in the form of 20,000 $TOD tokens to the TraDAO Protocol to get things started. This assistance is intended to secure the first liquidity of $TOD and demonstrate Trava’s dedication to improving the protocol, thereby bringing trust to its community and maintaining its vision and overall ideology from the start, which is a fair launch project completely independent of whales and VCs. The proceeds from the sale will then be utilized to support the $TOD sold and to provide immediate liquidity following the listing.

How to join?

The team will launch two rounds of whitelisting, which will be consolidated into a single ‘Final Whitelist’ at the end. Round 1 of the Whitelist will be live on January 21st, during which TraDAO would be powered up in order to welcome new members to the Trava ecosystem. Whitelist Round 2 shall go live on January 28th, and this is meant to encourage Trava Knights and to thank Trava’s faithful consumers and loyal supporters.

Furthermore, participants on the finalized whitelist shall have a chance to purchase $TOD Token at the lowest possible price before the official debut on PancakeSwap. When users buy, they are taken off the whitelist, and if some individuals buy less than their share, then all who have not yet purchased will receive a greater allotment. The specifics of each round shall be revealed via subsequent announcements. Following the public offering rounds, the team wants to enable two bonding and staking strategies for users to successfully leverage their rewards and hence be able to profit from them. For more information and regular updates, be sure to follow the official website and Twitter.