• June 1, 2023


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USDC Issuer Circle Introduces an Euro-backed Stablecoin on Avalanche’s Network

ByLouis Adams

May 26, 2023
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Circle’s Euro Coin stablecoin is now available on the Avalanche network, making it the second blockchain to support the asset since its launch on Ethereum last year.

To make the addition of Euro Coin as straightforward as possible, Avalanche apps that already support USDC stablecoin will only need a few simple changes.

Several applications on Avalanche have expressed interest in adding support for Euro Coin, Circle reported.

dApps like Benqi, Curve, Dexalot, GMX, Pangolin, Shift Markets, and Trader Joe are expected to integrate the stablecoin.

Joao Reginatto, VP of Product at Circle, has stated:

“With the launch on Avalanche, we are enabling developers and users to experience near-instant, more cost-effective transactions, opening up new possibilities for payments, remittances, and 24/7 FX.”

Moreover, holders of Circle Accounts can now leverage Euro Coin liquidity on Avalanche for crypto trading, lending, custody, and payment making/acceptance.