• March 20, 2023


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PancakeSwap Will Hold an NFT Airdrop

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The PancakeSwap decentralized exchange team will be airdropping $135,000 worth of CAKE tokens and exclusive NFTs to coincide with the launch of the third version of their protocol in early April.

Liquidity providers in several pools of BNB Chain, the platform’s core network, will be eligible to receive the reward.

A snapshot taken on March 5 was used to identify applicants for the assets in four levels. In order to be eligible for the rewards, users must maintain their liquidity on the platform until April 3.

An additional $30,000 worth of CAKE will also be distributed to liquidity providers who deposit funds before March 18. The minimum amount to participate in this round is $500.

With the new update, PancakeSwap V3 will introduce many features such as competitive trading fees and incentives, improved liquidity provision and farming capabilities.