BTC Volatility Hits Lowest Level in Four Years

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According to crypto analyst Will Clemente, the BTC volatility index is now at a four-year low. The last time a similar situation was observed at the end of 2018, when the market was in a state of “crypto winter,” and bitcoin was trading around $3,200.

Over the past six weeks, trading has also been predominantly in a narrow range. The largest crypto by market capitalization briefly broke above $18,000 in mid-December, but then fell below $17,000 again.

Most experts doubt that the coin will be able to overcome the resistance in the $18,000 region by the beginning of 2023. The chances of testing values above $20,000 are almost zero.

Regarding the hastrate, it is recovering after a drop of almost 40% on December 24-25 due to the shutdown of US miners.

Louis Adams

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