• September 29, 2023


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B2C2 Shows Interest in Buying Genesis Trading’s Loan Portfolio

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Cryptocurrency firm B2C2 is interested in purchasing the $2.8B loan portfolio of its competitor Genesis Trading.

Maxime Boonen, founder of the platform, has said:

“Genesis was not in my requests. Wow. Thus, very few players remain in the OTC market… B2C2 intends to make an offer to buy loans in order to reduce the current lack of liquidity at Genesis.”

He expects the potential deal to close within a week. According to him, representatives of the companies have already held consultations. Boonen has declined to give a possible purchase price, saying he has yet to see the Genesis balance sheet.

He has added:

“We are not doing this out of altruism. We think you can really make money on this.”

According to B2C2, redeemable loans must comply with the requirements of the platform’s risk management system.