• September 26, 2023


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Azuki Sells 8 NFTs for 1,900 ETH

ByLouis Adams

Oct 25, 2022 #NFTs
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Some NFT collectors have bought eight Golden Skateboard NFTs from the Azuki project for a total of over 1,900 ETH.

The lowest among the winning bids in the auction, which lasted 24 hours, is 200 ETH or about $267,000, whereas the highest bid was 309 ETH or over $412,000.

According to the project, the owners of the Golden Skateboard NFT will be able to get physical skateboards in November, which will become the most expensive in history.

The Azuki collection is released on the Ethereum blockchain and consists of 10,000 tokens. According to OpenSea, the minimum price for NFTs is 11.49 ETH ($15,340).