• September 28, 2023


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Bit Digital Mined Fewer Bitcoins Last Month

ByLouis Adams

Oct 17, 2022 #Bitcoin, #mining
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Mining company Bit Digital mined 141.3 BTC in September, down 3% from the previous figure.

According to the press release, as of September 30, the firm’s reserves were 943.3 BTC or about $18.3 million and 5,261.7 ETH valued at $7 million.

At the end of the month, Bit Digital owned 38,594 Bitcoin and 730 Ethereum miners with a maximum hashrate of 2.7 EH/s and 0.3 EH/s, respectively. During the reporting period, the company did not mine a single Ether, which is associated with the transition of the network to PoS.

According to Bit Digital, Compute North provided about 20 MW of power to the company’s miners. After the firm filed for bankruptcy, the relationship between the partners will be reviewed.