• September 26, 2023


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Dapper Labs Introduces Restrictions for Russian Users

ByLouis Adams

Oct 10, 2022 #NFTs, #Russia
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NFT-company Dapper Labs has introduced restrictions for addresses affiliated with Russian users as a result of the EU sanctions.

The EU approved on October 6 the eighth package of sanctions against Russia, which prohibited Russians from owning cryptocurrency wallets in the eurozone.

Citizens and residents of Russia will also not be able to create accounts or store digital assets in the EU, regardless of the amount of the deposit.

According to the statement:

“Our payment processing and storage partner is subject to EU regulations. It instructed us to take action against accounts belonging to those affected by the October 6 restrictions.”

According to the press release, users from Russian are no longer able to buy, sell or gift NFTs, as well as perform other transactions on the Dapper Labs platform.