Crypto Funds Record Slight Outflow of Funds

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According to CoinShares analysts, the outflow of funds from crypto-based investment products from October 1 to October 7 amounted to $5 million against an inflow of $10.3 million a week earlier.

The report reads:

“Trading volumes remain historically low. Investors are waiting for signals that the Fed is ready to review the hawkish monetary policy.”

Regarding traditional Bitcoin funds, they have seen an inflow of $12 million compared to the $7.7 million from a week ago.

A record high $14.7 million was withdrawn from the structures that allow opening shorts on BTC, which is twice as much as outflows in any previous weeks and equivalent to about 10% of assets under management.

The outflow from Ethereum funds amounted to $2.2 million against the inflow of $5.6 million a week earlier.

Louis Adams

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