• November 30, 2023


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5,000 BTC Associated with Mt.Gox Are Moved

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An unknown user moved another 5,000 BTC associated with the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox on September 4, Telegram channel GFiS has reported.

According to the channel, the funds were sent to US exchange Kraken. The user bought these coins in 2013 for about $660 per 1 BTC.

According to blockchain explorer OXT.me, these Bitcoins were withdrawn as a result of internal transfers to Mt.Gox-linked wallets. They probably belong to the creator of the exchange, Jed McCaleb, who sold the platform to Mark Karpeles back in 2011.

The information about the ownership of McCaleb’s assets was indirectly confirmed by Karpeles himself in a personal conversation with the author of the GFiS channel.