• December 5, 2023


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Chip Maker Intel Begins to Supply BTC Mining Chips

ByLouis Adams

Jul 6, 2022 #Bitcoin, #mining
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US-based chip maker Intel has announced it has started the deliveries of an ASIC chip for Bitcoin mining to selected customers.

According to Intel SVP of Architecture, Graphics and Software Raja Koduri:

“Intel AXG Custom Compute team is now shipping the Blockscale ASIC! First product will always be unforgettable, congratulations team. Excited to see how ArgoBlockchain, griid and HiveBlockchain improvise around Blockscale and our open design.”

The company introduced in. February the Bonanza Mine, which was the first dedicated BTC mining chip. ASIC characteristics turned out to be significantly lower than the market flagships.

Intel announced in April the second generation of the Bitcoin mining chip Blockscale, which reportedly outperforms competitors in efficiency by about 15%.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies, Argo Blockchain, GRIID Infrastructure and Jack Dorsey’s Block are among Blockscale’s first customers.