Canada and US Lead Ranking of Countries with More Crypto ATMs

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According to CoinATMRadar, since January, the pace of launching new cryptocurrency terminals began to decline.

According to the company analysts, the decrease in the number of installations of Bitcoin ATMs is directly related to the increased control over the cryptocurrency market by the supervisory authorities of many countries of the world.

The US and Canada hold first and second place in the ranking of countries in terms of the number of available terminals with 33,018 and 2442, respectively. Spain closes the top three, after recently outstripping El Salvador, where the country is legal tender.

The Latin American country passed last year a law that recognized BTC as legal tender. A year later, it came in third place in the ranking with 204 crypto ATMS. However, it was soon overtaken by Spain, where there are 229 Bitcoin ATMs at the disposal of users.

Since the beginning of the year, a slowdown in installation rates has been observed. Whereas in February the operators launched 970 terminals, in March and April they installed 757 and 739 devices, respectively.

Louis Adams

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