Afina Finance Announces Presale Of Their AFN ERC-20 Utility Token in June 2022

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In a groundbreaking development, the developers of Afina Finance have announced that they will be conducting a presale of their AFN ERC-20 utility tokens. The public token sale is currently scheduled after presale, and interested participants can log in via the link on the official website or the telegram channel of the community.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of the AFN presale as a result of the hard work of the Afina Finance team and its partners. The AFN token will be the fuel that will accelerate the adoption of the Afina Finance platform and will open to all the possibilities of WEB3.”

The Afina ecosystem will offer an NFT marketplace and decentralized cross-chain cryptocurrency exchanges with ease of use and security. Afina will also offer a decentralized messenger and provide a built-in payment system to perform transactions with ease. Afina Finance plans to create a liquidity pool and staking rewards, which will be published in the following weeks, to give further incentives for investors to participate in AFN tokens. The AFN Token Distribution Schedules will also be created with the help of major industry groups and consultants to assure investor profitability, price stability, and token liquidity, all of which are based on industry best practices.

With Afina DAO, the company is set to offer an easy-to-use Afina DAO, a Project Investment Fund to be used as a passive income by every investor. Also will be a reward program in the form of Afina DAO, which rewards the token holder in Ethereum for each transaction. In addition, they will offer a high APY for liquidity providers, a launchpad for new projects with unique tokenomics, and some unique features that are unlike the crypto investors have ever experienced. Afina DAO is expected to democratize and simplify the traditional financial services for a new generation.

Afina finance founded by a group of experienced blockchain and network security experts and offers a modern multifunctional WEB3 ecosystem.

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