Binance Returns $5.8M Stolen by North Korean Hackers

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Crypto exchange Binance has returned $5.8 million that was stolen by North Korean hackers during the Axie Infinity hack.

The exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao has said that North Korean hackers distributed funds to 86 accounts. He has added:

“A group of hackers from the DPRK today began moving stolen Axie Infinity funds. Some of them went to Binance and were distributed among 86 accounts. We returned $5.8 million. We have done this many times and for other projects in the past.”

Last week, the US imposed sanctions on the hacker group Lazarus Group, which is associated with the DPRK. The Ministry of Finance blacklisted an Ethereum wallet owned by the group. At the same time, the FBI announced the involvement of the Lazarus Group and another APT3 group in the theft of the Ethereum cryptocurrency for $620 million.

In March, the Ronin bridge, on the blockchain of which the popular NFT game Axie Infinity runs, was hacked, and more than $625 million worth of cryptocurrency was withdrawn from it. Attackers exploited the vulnerability on March 23, but the problem was discovered only on March 29, when one of the users was unable to withdraw 5 thousand Ethereum. The Ronin hack is currently the largest decentralized finance hack.

Louis Adams

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