• September 29, 2023


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Chainalysis: US Investor Crypto Earnings Increased Almost 500% in 2021

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According to a report recently released by analytical firm Chainalysis, crypto investors in the United States received a solid “revenue” last year. Per the study, they earned 6 times more than their “colleagues” from the UK.

The company’s report says that over 2021, US investors earned a total of $47 billion. The second place belongs to the United Kingdom, where the profit of crypto-businessmen turned out to be more modest – only $8.1 billion. The third place was taken by Germany with an indicator at $5.8 billion.

The study was built on a detailed analysis of the digital asset market. According to the report, the leading position of the United States in the ranking of crypto-centered profits is a completely expected result. Experts have noted entrepreneurs managed to increase income from digital activities due to direct participation in the development of this industry.

Throughout the past year, US developers have been creating new trading platforms, several applications and NFT collections. Such a furious movement to create “something new” has attracted a “wave” of new users from all over the world.