Mastercard Registers 15 NFT-related Trademarks

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According to information available on the official website of the United States Patent and Trademark Commission, over the past six months, Mastercard has received 15 applications for registration of trademarks and other digital products whose description mentions the term “NFT.”

Based on these applications, Mastercard wants to make itself a kind of “bridge” between its customers and the world of virtual reality.

Cointelegraph analysts have commented on the applications:

“The first thing that is certainly clear is that the payment giant wants to create its own virtual community to interact more closely with digital assets. All 15 applications, based on their description, relate in one way or another to the digital industry. Specifically, the trademarks that the payments giant intends to register are related to the use of debit cards in the metaverse, the creation of its own virtual reality market, and the release of exclusive digital collections.”

So, for example, one of the patents is called “Circle,” which describes a system that would allow users to buy digital collectibles using debit cards. The description of this application indicates that in the future the application will provide access to supporters of the traditional banking system to all “virtual spaces.”

Another filing is to add the Mastercard logo to all kinds of sports, celebrations, concerts, and awards ceremonies held in the metaverse. Thus, among other things, the payment giant intends to join the support of multiple NFT seminars and financial education programs.

Louis Adams

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