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Intel Rolls Out a BTC Mining Chip

ByLouis Adams

Feb 22, 2022 #Bitcoin, #mining
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World-wide known chip maker Intel has just introduced the Bonanza Mine, a specialized chip for Bitcoin mining, as well as a device based on it during the international conference ISSCC.

According to the announcement, the Bonanza Mine System setup contains 300 chips on four boards and can provide a hash rate of 40 TH/s with a power consumption of “just” 3,600 watts. An Intel representative has noted the system can reach even higher speeds.

The company has compared during the presentation its miner with Bitfury Clarke and Canaan Avalon A9 devices. With a hash rate of 47.7 EH/s, the Intel system achieves an energy efficiency of 55 J/TH. Bitfury Clarke has 40 EH/s and 56 J/TH, while Canaan has 30 EH/s and 58 J/TH.

The company has not shared the prices for theses products and has not said when it plans to start sales.