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Cappasity to Present 3D NFT for E-Commerce in March 2022

ByLouis Adams

Feb 9, 2022
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Cappasity’s platform will allow retailers to create immersive NFTs easily and quickly. The proprietary utility token CAPP will be used in the provision of NFT services.

Cappasity lets companies create and deliver 3D/AR experiences to blur the line between online and in-store shopping. It is the first scalable and easy-to-adopt solution for complex e-commerce projects. It takes only 3 minutes/SKU to create a 3D View (data format developed by Cappasity) and embed it into a store. The platform also provides a unique 3D analytics tool based on AI to track customers’ online behavior and ensure the best product presentation online. Cappasity’s clients see higher conversion rates (10-30% increase), higher time on the product pages, fewer returns, and fewer customer inquiries when their products have interactive 3D images attached to them.

Last year Cappasity announced the global upgrade of its platform — “Metaverse for e-commerce”. This will include AR fitting rooms for brands and stores, virtual showrooms, an immersive content social network, and many more features.


And now Cappasity is ready to present the first part of this upgrade — 3D NFT for brands. They are going to launch a demo in March 2022 followed by a webinar for the e-commerce industry.

What is the Cappasity immersive 3D NFT? This type of NFT visualization allows users to interact with digitized items like they would offline: rotate them, zoom in and examine the details. It is also possible to embed augmented reality and virtual try-on content inside an NFT. Such 3D NFT creates an unforgettable experience that can be used for product presentations, interactive exhibitions, and auction houses.


NFTs are a completely new way for brands to engage with customers, target a younger, crypto-wealthy generation, and increase brand awareness. This new technology allows retailers to reward loyal audiences with NFT airdrops, build a VIP fan base around the brand based on customers’ NFT purchases, and sell NFTs that unlock gated content. Popular brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Clinique, Nike, and Adidas have already launched their first NFT projects. However, the technology doesn’t currently allow brands to easily integrate interactive content that their customers can not only view, but also interact with.

“Our company’s mission is to provide effective solutions that improve the visualization of items and blur the line between online and offline. We constantly refine the Cappasity platform and can’t wait for the release of the update that will allow brands to create NFTs with photorealistic visualization of items,” comments Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO.

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About Cappasity

Cappasity is a comprehensive solution for the interactive visualization of products in 3D, creating an immersive shopping experience for e-commerce. Among Cappasity clients are brands such as YSLLFCorpSamsoniteba&shPolene and many more. In December 2021, 12.7 million unique visitors interacted with Cappasity 3D/AR content and the Cappasity platform processed 282 million requests from companies’ websites.

Company website: https://cappasity.com/tech

3DShot website: https://3dshot.io

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