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Dvision Network 2nd LAND Sale on Polygon Successfully Takes Place

ByLouis Adams

Feb 9, 2022
Reading time: 2 minutes

Dvision Network’s second LAND sale has now been successfully conducted on the Polygon Mainnet. As a matter of fact, all 4650 LAND NFTs offered on the primary sale had been sold out at an incredibly fast pace, sealing the successful sold out both on Dvision Marketplace as well as OpenSea.

The original first LAND sale had occurred not too long ago, and it was similarly successful, which became the largest LAND NFT Sale to occur on Binance Smart Chain’s history, completing the LAND Sale on Binance NFT, Dvision Marketplace and NFTb in less than 5 minutes. Building upon that success, the second sale saw plenty of action from buyers and investors who were all eager to
partake as soon as the sale officially started on January 27th, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC.

It should be noted, that secondary trading on OpenSea is continuously occurring, with the floor price for the most common LAND NFT being traded at x2 from the original price, and the total volume currently exceeding 330 ETH (above 1 million USD).

Dvision Network reaches second spot on OpenSea top collections on Polygon Mainnet

OpenSea is a P2P (Peer To Peer) NFT marketplace and is widely regarded to be one of the most popular marketplaces in the entire world for buying, selling and trading crypto collectibles, non-fungible tokens and numerous rare virtual goods and digital assets.

The primary sale on OpenSea, which was conducted through Polygon Mainnet, has now positioned Dvision Network on the second spot among the top collections on the platform among Polygon-supported collections. As of this moment, Dvision Network is ranked among the top five collections on a weekly basis and the overall trading amount has also exceeded 330 ETH. Furthermore, the NFTs had been distributed fairly via OpenSea and the native Dvision Marketplace. The Polygon Ecosystem had been utilised to make this happen, and the Polygon Mainnet was also
used to mint the ERC-721 compliant LAND non-fungible tokens.

Connection to be established with other mainnets

Dvision LANDS are scheduled to be linked with other mainnets through the native bridges. These bridges shall be used by Dvision in order to connect all of the networks together and successfully enable the users to move their respective NFTs across multiple different chains.
Moreover, regarding the sale, 4,651 LAND NFT lots was the total amount and the team shall also continue to integrate Polygon Partners via a mutual LAND NFT Grant Program. This shall enable additional access as well as increased exposure to the metaverse thanks to the allocation of the aforementioned LAND NFTs.

About Dvision

Dvision Network is a blockchain-based virtual reality content ecosystem that also supports the VR NFT marketplace. Dvision Network introduces a new virtual reality environment in which mankind may live a prosperous existence as the world becomes increasingly digitised. It also features Dvision Metaverse, a futuristic notion and vision that gives end-users all types of incentives and advantages linked with blockchain by building bridges and supporting NFTs on different chains.
For more information and regular updates, visit the official website as well as Dvision’s TelegramFacebook and Twitter channels.