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EverRise Expands DeFi Security Infrastructure to Fantom and Avalanche

ByLouis Adams

Jan 27, 2022 #DeFi
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EverRise, the blockchain bridging and security solution provider that brought the buyback to crypto, expanded to the Fantom and Avalanche blockchains over the weekend. With the addition of these two blockchains, the EverRise token (RISE) and ecosystem is now available on a total of 5 blockchains.

The Fantom and Avalanche blockchains offer EverRise an exciting opportunity to make their dApps more widely available. Fantom’s mainnet was launched in December 2019 and their TVL recently surpassed Binance Smart Chain. The Avalanchemainnet launched in September 2021 and currently supports over 400 projects with over 1.3 million users.

“The Fantom and Avalanche blockchains have a lot of potential for growth and bringing the EverRise ecosystem to these networks furthers our mission to bring security to all of DeFi.” – Suresh Maddineni, CEO and Founder EverRise

Users will also be able to swap FTM and AVAX cross-chain to ETH, BSC, and Polygon via EverRise’s Native Coin Swap (NCS) feature on EverSwap. The NCS allows cross-chain conversions between the native coins of the blockchains EverRise is available on at block speed. Utilizing the EverRise developed dApp EverSwap, and the technology behind EverBridge, users are able to quickly and securely swap between ETHBNB, MATIC and now FTM and AVAX.

Project developers and users on Fantom and Avalanche will also now have access to all dApps currently available: EverOwn, EverBridge, EverMigrate, EverSwap, and EverStake.

The RISE token is available through EverSwap on any available blockchain or through SpookySwap on the Fantom Network and TraderJoe on the Avalanche Network. EverSwap is a dApp part of the EverRise Ecosystem that allows for transaction tax to be collected in native coin instead of tokens to alleviate sell pressure when tokens are liquidated.

The expansion is made possible by EverBridge, a novel approach to the cross-chain bridge concept released last October. Matching circulating supplies have been minted on Fantom and Avalanche and locked within the bridge.

About EverRise

EverRise is a blockchain technology company focused on increasing accessibility to decentralized finance by bringing security solutions to the space. Through an innovative ecosystem of decentralized applications, EverRise provides investors and developers the tools to access the widest possible market with the maximum level of security. They are working towards the mass adoption of safety protocols across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom networks and currently offer 5 security dApps: EverBridge, EverOwn, EverMigrate, EverStake and EverSwap, with more on the way.

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