Dvision Network 2nd LAND Sale to Be Held on OpenSea and Their Native Marketplace

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Not too long ago, Dvision Network had successfully initiated their LAND sale, and now it is time for the second sale to commence as the first month of 2022 nears its end. On January 27th, 11:00 AM UTC, the Polygon Ecosystem will witness the Dvision’s second LAND Sale via Dvision Marketplace and the NFT marketplace known as OpenSea.

The NFTs, which are key units for the initiative’s Meta-Cities, shall be distributed fairly for sale through the native Dvision Marketplace and OpenSea via the Polygon Ecosystem. Moreover, the ERC-721 compliant LAND NFTs will be minted on the Polygon Mainnet in addition to all ecosystem-related operations taking place in their native chain-supported marketplaces.

Furthermore, the team will continue to integrate Polygon Partners through a mutual LAND NFT Grant Program that will provide increased access and exposure to the metaverse through the allocation of LAND NFTs. The first project to receive the grant LAND NFT is Project Galaxy – Decentralised Data Sharing Network, which has recently closed their funding round co-led by Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Capital for 10 million USD financing.

Finally, the 2nd LAND Sale is set to begin on January 27th at 20:00 PM KST and it is going to occur on OpenSea and Dvision Marketplace for a total amount of 4651 LAND NFT Lots. The team has also prepared the guideline document for those planning to participate in the sale.

What exactly is LAND NFT?

Dvision World is the definitive gateway to each Meta-City, which is made up of multiple Meta-Spaces that are solely controlled by the users. Users that own LAND would be allowed to personalise and supply content for their Meta-Space. The users will thus be rewarded for their contributions to the Metaverse by incorporating the most valuable NFTs into its newly launched P2E (Play To Earn) concept.

Each Meta-City LANDs will hence be divided on a 40/40/20 basis. As such, 40% will be for P2E, another 40% will be for the LAND sale, and the last 20% will be for management and given to the Dvision team. The LAND NFT also has various utilities and benefits, such as being used for forums, conferences, galleries, exhibitions, gaming, entertainment and even lease-oriented purposes by renting out LAND to different creators who show promise and have potential.

Details of the 2nd LAND sale

The initial LAND Sale was solely supported BSC (BEP-721), however according to Dvision’s roadmap, this LAND sale shall support both ERC-721 as well as BEP-721 standards. The new LAND sale is thus being held to distribute the LAND NFTs belonging to the Tokyo and London Meta-Cities, which are the third and fourth Meta-Cities respectively in the metaverse.

Aside from Binance Smart Chain, every LAND NFT provided in this second sale is minted on Polygon Mainnet, which thereby becomes the second supported network for the LANDs. All LAND NFTs will thus be interconnected in the future by native bridges, allowing unrestricted transfer of digital assets between various chains.

Lastly, the industry’s future would indeed appear to be multichain, as Dvision Metaverse is a futuristic idea and vision which offers all kinds of rewards and benefits associated with blockchain to end-users by constructing bridges and providing support for NFTs on multiple chains. This in turn enables diverse ecosystem members to be granted smooth and easy access. Finally, for the purposes of liquidity, the LAND NFTs developed on Polygon shall be linked to various other Polygon secondary marketplaces as well. Dvision will sell about 4,600 LAND Lots via the second LAND Sale, spreading them evenly between the aforementioned two platforms so as to ensure fairness. The LANDs shall be auctioned in MATIC tokens and completely executed on the Polygon Mainnet.

To highlight the upcoming sale and to deliberate on the essence of the virtual plots in Dvision’s Social Metaverse, the Head of Business Development at Dvision Network – Boburjon Muydinov has joined the LIVE Interview with the award-winning journalist, author, and futurist Paul Barron, where they have revealed the crucial facts and insights regarding the upcoming 2nd LAND Sale on Polygon Ecosystem.

For more information, be sure to check out the official website along with Dvision’s TwitterFacebook and Telegram.