• September 28, 2023


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Hackers Steal $500K from Arbitrum Users

ByLouis Adams

Mar 27, 2023 #Hackers
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Unknown attackers have caused a stir on Twitter when they stole $500,000 worth of tokens by forging vanity addresses during the Arbitrum airdrop.

Vanity addresses are created by systematically searching through all possible combinations of characters, which the hackers used to generate similar addresses to those of the eligible wallets for the ARB tokens.

Affected users have been attempting to fix the problem on their own. At the time of the attack, Nansen reported that there were over 914 million ARB tokens distributed, which accounted for 79% of the allocated 1.1 billion tokens for the first stage of distribution.

Additionally, there were still 138,671 addresses that had yet to request their governance tokens.