Tamadoge Launches Super Doge – Its First Play-to-Earn Arcade Game

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The Tamadoge Arcade has introduced Super Doge, the latest game in the play-to-earn cryptocurrency space.

Desktop-optimized Super Doge has been in beta testing for two weeks and looks set to be a hit with crypto and non-crypto gamers alike.

Casual gaming is big business, and combined with Web3 technology that allows players to earn from their gaming fun, it is set to become even bigger.

Since the launch was first announced on Tuesday, previously loosely scheduled to be ‘this week’, the price of the TAMA token has popped 25%. 

TAMA has held onto most of those gains and is currently priced at $0.0188, despite a general pullback in the wider crypto market today.

TAMA gets its utility value from being the access token of the play-to-earn ecosystem.

Check out the announcement on Twitter that Super Doge is live and ready to play: 

Super Doge was the most popular of three Tamadoge Arcade games being tested in beta

Super Doge was the most popular of the three games being tested of the five planned for release in the Tamadoge Arcade. 

The other two games currently in beta testing by the community are To The Moon and Rocket Doge.

The two games yet to enter testing are Tama Blast and Tamadoge Run.

Super Doge is in some ways similar to the gaming classic Super Mario, hence the name, but that’s where the similarities end.

With this crypto-powered game, players earn from their skill, so by investing time and effort in the game players are rewarded at the gaming and economic level.

The Tamadoge token, which must be purchased to play the P2E version of the arcade games, has been on the rise since news of the imminent Super Doge launch was revealed – the positive price action is expected to continue as each new game product is launched.

Super Doge’s vital statistics provide early indicators of how game adoption can drive TAMA price much higher

Tamadoge team members have shared some key metrics about Super Doge gleaned from beta testing.

Users spent on average 5.9 minutes per play.

In total, Super Doge had 2,274 unique plays.

During the beta there were a total of 3,583 unique plays across the three games.

To get started with Super Doge an NFT is not required. Instead, players use the game’s default doge character to play in the free-to-play and play-to-earn versions.

Also, if you are playing in free-to-play mode, there is no need to connect a crypto wallet.

In the play-to-earn version of Super Doge players buy game credits using the TAMA token. TAMA can be purchased with cash or crypto on the site.

Here’s what the Tamadoge community beta testers had to say

I tested the beta.& graphics are great, in-game music is cool retro sound.  childhood memories are awakened. The game is super fun, really addictive – GTAOnlineCom

I’m also testing right now. Was a lot of fun and really convinced me for the first draft. Can’t wait for further developments – EfKay

After today’s first test I’m convinced to buy more Tamadoge Coins.  this is going to be big – DerJoker

I’ve just spent a few hours trying out the beta and it’s got great potential! Couple of minor bugs, but other than that, graphics are lovely, soundtrack is chill, and generally just pretty fun. I might get addicted to Rocket Doge though! Great job – RobHodg40946706

Good job tamadoge. Good to see solid projects – Radoslaw200

Tamadoge Arcade is a prelude to launch of the Tamaverse

The Arcade games are being launched before the main game goes live.

In the full-blown Tamadoge platform the augmented reality (AR) mobile app will form the centerpiece as players’ pets enter the Tamaverse. 

The AR technology will allow players to interact with their pet in the virtual world. Players will use one of 20,000 Tamadoge Common NFTs,1,000 Rares, or 100 Ultra Rares to enhance their earning power in the Tamaverse.

Players will earn points as they climb the leaderboards and receive TAMA as a reward for ranking in the top spots.

Additionally, players will be able to purchase food, clothes, and other cosmetic items from the Tamadoge Pet Store, in which a burn of 5% is applied to all purchases, making TAMA a deflationary asset.

The Tamadoge Pet Store provides a revenue stream for the rewards distributed to players and for product development and marketing.

The team is currently moving ahead to seal partnerships with other metaverse projects, of which more will be revealed later in Q1 2023.

Tamadoge is making meme coins useful – where to buy TAMA

Tamadoge is one of a new breed of meme coins that is barking loudly for the attention of crypto aficionados.

TAMA is listed on 15 centralized exchanges (CEXs) including the top 10 crypto exchange OKX, as well as the leading decentralized exchange of the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap. 

Other leading trading venues where you can find TAMA include Gate.io, LBank, MEXC, BitMart, and BKEX.

Although team members were not at liberty to respond to rumors about a Binance listing, it has been confirmed that an application has been made. 

The TAMA price reached an all-time high of $0.19 on October 5th, 2022, shortly after launching.