• September 21, 2023


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Polygon’s MATIC Token Rises 44% YTD

ByLouis Adams

Jan 27, 2023 #Altcoins
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The price of MATIC, the native token of the Polygon ecosystem, has increased by 44.7% since the beginning of the year and the network has become the second in terms of daily users, just behind Binance’s BNB Chain.

Despite this, the coin is trading at $1.11, which is about 62% lower than the all-time high recorded in December 2021 ($2.92).

The total amount of funds locked in the protocol of the DeFi segment has increased to $1.2 billion. We should note that the indicator is far behind the $9.9 billion reached in June 2021.

The activity on the network may increase further thanks to projects that have not yet issued their own tokens, but will do so in the near future.