FTX’s Hacker Becomes an Ethereum Whale

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The unknown attacker who stole 228,523 ETH from FTX has become the 35th largest owner of the asset.

According to specialists from Beosin, the attacker carried out several swap and cross-chain operations. He currently owns about $338.6 million worth of assets, most of which are in Ethereum.

The hacker was included in the list of Ethereum whales from CoinCarp after the Beacon Chain deposit contract, many exchanges, second-level protocols and DeFi bridges. Its share was 0.19%.

The top 20 wallets account for 27.7% of the Ethereum market supply.

According to analytical firm Elliptic, the total damage from the actions of the hacker amounted to $477 million, which is higher than the preliminary estimate of more than $400 million.

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