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1inch Partners Integrates KuCoin Wallet

ByLouis Adams

Aug 12, 2022 #DeFi
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The team of developers behind the DeFi project 1inch Network have just announced the integration of their own interface into the non-custodial wallet KuCoin, allowing users to exchange tokens at the most favorable rates on 9 blockchains.

Thanks to the special 1inch Pathfinder search algorithm, users will receive information from more than 250 liquidity sources, including AMM and PMM.

According to the project devs, swaps between protocols are automatically separated. In addition, the algorithm can use different market depths within the same network.

KuCoin Wallet users will also have access to 1inch’s limit order protocol, which is executed at a predetermined price when it is reached. It includes gasless limit orders for ETH, RFQ as well as support for tokens that only require permissions, not transaction approval.