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Hacker Returns 17 million OP to Market Maker Wintermute

ByLouis Adams

Jun 13, 2022 #Hackers
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A hacker who stole 20 million OP from Wintermute has sent a million tokens to Vitalik Buterin and made it clear he is ready to return the remaining funds.

After some time, he has transferred 17 million OP to the market maker.

On May 30, the day before the airdrop, Optimism developers sent 20M OP to Wintermute’s specified multisig wallet. The market maker was chosen as a liquidity provider after listing the token on exchanges.

As a result of an internal error, the Wintermute team was unable to access the funds. However, this was done by a hacker who took control of the assets. Of the total amount, he spent 1 million tokens.

On June 8, Wintermute released a statement in which its spoke about the incident and suggested that the hacker return the remaining assets to the specified wallet in order to avoid legal consequences.