Ethereum’s Beacon Network Experiences a Reorganization

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The Beacon Chain network of Ethereum 2.0 has experienced a reorganization to a depth of seven blocks.

Martin Koppelmann, co-founder of Ethereum-based prediction market platform Gnosis, has said:

“Unfortunately, this demonstrates that the analysis of Georgios Constantopoulos and Vitalik Buterin was overly optimistic when they argued in the paper that reorganizational stability would improve in Proof-of-Stake versus Proof-of-Work. We haven’t seen a seven block reorganization in Ethereum for many years.”

As a result of the May 25 incident, blocks #3,887,075 – #3,887,081 were reorganized.

According to developer Preston Van Loon, the team believes that the failure was due to a “non-trivial segmentation” of new and old client software.