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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Decreases by 4.3%

ByLouis Adams

May 27, 2022 #mining
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The difficulty of mining BTC decreased by 4.33% to 29.9 T on May 25 as a result of another recalculation.

This is the highest decrease in the indicator since July last year.

The average hashrate over the approximately two-week period since the previous difficulty correction was 214 EH/s, which is also down 4.3% from its high.

According to Glassnode analysts, Bitcoins’s smoothed 7-day moving average of network computing power fell to 205.9 EH/s from the all-time high of 208.5 EH/s on May 5.

According to Arcane Research analyst Jaran Mellerud, mining profitability continues to decline.

In November, Antminer S19 miners from Bitmain, consuming 1 MWh, brought the owner $500. At the moment, this figure has dropped to $146.