• March 2, 2024


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Dubai-based Coffee Shop Adds Crypto Payments

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Bake N More, a coffee shop from Dubai, has recently joined the list of companies that have already added support for crypto payments. At the same time, according to the company’s owner, the establishment will continue to accept payments in cash and using credit cards.

The decision to add cryptos was made in order to expand the number of visitors and make “Bake n More a coffee and confectionery center for cryptocurrency users in the UAE.”

The owner of the café has said:

“Our payment system performs the conversion according to the price charts. For example, if a bottle of water cost 5 dirhams, the system divides it by the exchange rate shown in the table. Based on this the cost is calculated, which will be 1.Z5 UST.”

He has added that the company is currently accumulating digital currency and will use exchange platforms only if necessary to convert it to fiat.