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Arcane Research: The Decrease in the Activity of Traders Could Affect the Position of BTC

ByLouis Adams

Apr 1, 2022 #Bitcoin
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According to a study conduced by analytical company Arcane Research, the activity of traders decreased in the spot market last week, and this trend signaled an imminent BTC correction.

The company researchers have analyzed the technical data and concluded that in spite of a slight increase in trading volume, the activity of the players remained weak. At the moment, there are not many investors in the network who are willing to buy and sell.

If the volatility ends up growing, traders will again take the stage. Moreover, Arcane Research does not rule out any scenario for Bitcoin, both positive and negative.

According to team of analysts of Santiment, retail traders prefer to bet on a waiting tactic, whereas earlier this week whales returned to the market.

The number of transactions involving at least $100,000 has increased considerably in the Bitcoin network. Notably, the largest addresses have completed 3,266 transactions of this type.