• May 17, 2024


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Crypto Exchange Binance Rolls Out Binance Bridge 2.0

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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance yesterday announced the launch of Binance Bridge 2.0, which enables users to bridge assets from any blockchain to the BNB Chain.

According to the platform, bridged tokens listed on Binance will be stored in the Funding or Spot Wallet, whereas unlisted bridged tokens will be transferred to the Funding Wallet only.

Thanks to this new feature, users can bridge-in or bridge-out tokens between their native blockchains and BNB Chain using regular deposit and withdrawal functions.

Binance has reported that it also intends to create a better version of its mobile app to allow users to facilitate such conversion via a single click in the near future.

Mayur Kamat, head of product at Binance, has said on the launch:

“With Binance Bridge 2.0, we can make decentralized finance accessible to a larger audience worldwide while still providing the seamless user experience that centralized finance offers. We are already seeing this via the tremendous adoption of the PancakeSwap Mini-app.”