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Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Surpasses 30 Million Monthly Users

ByLouis Adams

Mar 16, 2022 #Ether
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Decentralized application development company ConsenSys has just announced popular Ethereum non-custodial wallet MetaMask has just reached 30 million monthly active users.

The number of monthly active users has reportedly registered a 42% increase over the last 4 months, while compared to April 2021, the number has increased 6-fold.

According to the company:

“A global user base relies on MetaMask to mint and collect NFTs, join DAOs, and participate in DeFi protocols. The United States, the Philippines, Brazil, Germany and Nigeria represent some of MetaMask‚Äôs most active markets.”

ConsenSys has raised $450 million in a Series D funding round. In addition, the company is planning a major redesign of MetaMask by the end of 2022. Notably, Joseph Lubin, CEO of the company, has said in this regard:

“There’s a great user interface that we’re going to launch pretty soon.”

Lubin has added the company plans to launch a DAO in the context of MetaMask. The organization will not manage the project, but will fund the creation of new wallet elements.