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Interest in the NFT Market is Falling: Google Trends

ByLouis Adams

Mar 7, 2022 #NFTs
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The NFT market has shown a sharp rise in the past year. Driven by the global hype, many companies, sports and show business stars started to mint and sell their own tokenized collections.

However, while last year the interest in NFT on the Internet reached peak values, in January 2022 this industry became less popular among users.

According to Google Trends, interest in NFTs and the metaverse is gradually weakening.

Asian countries lead the rankings in terms of the number of search queries related to the NFT industry. Turkey, China, Singapore, Cyprus and Lebanon were among the top five countries whose residents visit NFT market-related sites more often than others.

The most visited platform is OpenSea, which in January saw a new record in the volume of trading in tokenized collections.