• May 21, 2024


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Netflix Will Shoot a Documentary on Bitfinex’s Hack

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Netflix, one of the largest streaming and film production companies, will soon launch a documentary film about the hacking of the once popular crypto platform Bitfinex.

According to reports, the main characters of the film will be a married couple from New York directly involved in the theft of 120,000 BTC.

The plot of the documentary film is built in such a way in order to convey to the viewer the reasons and details of the largest financial crime of 2016 as clearly as possible. So, almost 7 years ago, the crypto community shuddered at the news of the Bitfinex trading platform being hacked. The attackers, according to the management of the exchange, managed to steal almost 120 thousand Bitcoins (about $72 million when the theft took place).

The documentary will be directed by renowned American film maker Chris Smith.