Hackers Use NFTs for Crypto Mining and Wallet Theft

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NFTs have become one of the main malware distribution mechanisms for stealth mining or stealing cryptocurrency wallets last year, Kommersant reports quoting ESET.

According to analysts, most often, hackers put viruses into gaming NFTs that allegedly contain superpowers or rare weapons. Cryptojacking tools are introduced by attackers through applications.

The main sources of such viruses were previously torrent resources and adult content sites.

ESET has reported that last year Russia was the leader among countries in terms of the number of victims of crypto-related attacks: 11.2% of the total. The highest activity occurred from September to December 2021 and accounted for 12.3% of all detections in the world. According to analysts, this is due to the rise in the price of digital currencies.

In early February, Chainalysis discovered “significant” volumes of fictitious trading in the NFT market.