UNIFY Adds Bitcoin Services

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UNIFY has started to allow its customers to buy, sell and store Bitcoins using traditional accounts on the online banking platform.

The organization, which has over 260,000 members in the United States, with branches in California, Nevada, Apizona and Texas, has more than $3 billion of assets under management.

UNIFY, which has just become the first credit union to integrate Bitcoin for its clients, wants to “remain at the forefront of financial services.” Gordon Howe, the organization’s president and CEO, has said:

“As digital currencies become mainstream, we are pleased to provide members with a convenient, secure and fast way to access cryptocurrency along with traditional account services as part of our core digital offering.”

By purchasing $500 worth of BTC through the UNIFY platform, by February 14, all participants will have a chance to win a limited collection of NFTs created by Safety John Johnson III, called “JJZ.”

NYDIG has established numerous partnerships with major traditional financial institutions to boost the adoption of Bitcoin. One of the latest partners is Five Star Bank, which will also provide BTC-based services to customers.

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