HAL Raises $3 Million From CoinFund, Eden Block and Animoca Brands to Improve Web3 Automation and Ease Blockchain Accessibility

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  • HAL, a digital asset management platform that helps individuals and organizations in querying and automating blockchain data, has raised a $3m seed round.
  • The round was led by CoinFund, Eden Block and Aminoca Brands with participation of billionaire hedge fund manager Alan Howard’s Piquet Ventures, Hashkey Capital, imToken Ventures, SkyVision, Wintermute, Gerstenbrot, FMFW.io among others and crypto angels such as GMoney, Darren Lau and others.
  • By enriching on-chain data with unique filtering layers of automation, currently consisting of 40+ DeFi recipes, HAL already helps more than 7,000 crypto individuals and professionals to listen and turn any onchain data – things like gas fee and blockchain transactions on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon or Avalanche – into actionable insights.
  • HAL will use the proceeds from the financing to expand its team and launch new products for the finance and gaming industries.

HAL.XYZ, a digital asset management tool for developers, protocols and companies to query, trigger, monitor and automate blockchain data, has raised $3 Million USD in a seed funding round from CoinFund, Eden Block, Animoca Brands with participation of Piquet Ventures, Hashkey Capital, imTokenVentures, SkyVision, Wintermute, Bitcoin.com among others and crypto angels such as GMoney, Darren Lau from Daily Ape and others.

HAL’s mission is to merge centralized and decentralized platforms into one single tech landscape by helping anyone, not just developers and coders, automate and query blockchain data – from tracking gas fees and blockchain transactions in real time on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Polygon, to monitoring and triggering notifications for companies across Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Slack and more.

Through its 40+ simple API-integratable “recipes”, any project can consult HAL to resolve time-exhaustive processes by enabling simple automation of updates.

We are thrilled to support HAL and their innovative vision to simplify and democratize blockchain accessibility and workflow integration,” said CoinFund Director of Research Evan Feng. “By building a platform that services both TradFi and DeFi users across varying levels of distributed ledger familiarity, HAL is executing towards their clear concept for the converging future of these two worlds.”

HAL directly addresses issues within the DeFi and blockchain gaming industries, which lack digital asset management solutions for trading, compliance and governance. By building user-friendly tools for both new and experienced individuals and organizations, HAL is helping companies unleash the potential of digital assets and blockchain technology by building user-friendly web3 infrastructure so users can save both time and money.

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, said: “Playing games has evolved from a leisure activity to a lifestyle, and now it is transforming into a means to earn an income, particularly for players in developing economies. As the GameFi space continues to grow, the solutions provided by HAL become increasingly important.”

Lior Messika, founder of EdenBlock, said: “As DeFi and Web3 applications continue to explode in value and utility, the space as a whole is converging around automation, efficiency, and built-in composability. HAL is substantiating itself as a true enabler of multiple evolving use cases, by offering core infrastructural services to DeFi, Web3, and many other up-and-coming disruptive use cases. I couldn’t be more excited to be backing the all-star team behind HAL, who have shone extraordinarily through their ambitious projects, and the caliber of incredible personalities involved.”

“We make it easy for individuals and organizations to transform multichain data into actionable data, DeFi was our genesis and we are excited to expand our solutions to the finance and gaming industries” said Marco De Rossi, HAL President and co-founder. “By providing an easy-to-use and friendly experience, our goal is to remove blockchain data access friction for all individuals and organizations so they can access trillions of dollars of digital value over the next decade and beyond”.

HAL will use the proceeds from the financing to expand its team to 30 people and launch new industry solutions for finance and gaming industries among others, as well as secure new partnerships.

About HAL

HAL is a US-based digital asset management platform that helps individuals and organizations in querying and automating blockchain data.

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