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Version 1 of the Cirus Browser Extension Goes Live On Schedule

ByLouis Adams

Dec 27, 2021
Reading time: 2 minutes

December 27, 2021. After months of development, the Cirus Foundation has released Version 1 of the Cirus Browser Extension for Chrome. With just a few clicks, the extension allows users to monetize their data and earn cryptocurrency without changing their browsing patterns or setting up any other hardware or software of any kind.

Designed with the user in mind, the Cirus Browser Extension is not just the perfect on-ramp into the crypto world but is the perfect vehicle for giving users complete privacy and power over their personal data.

Anyone anywhere in the world can use it and start earning from their data, and this is part of the Cirus mission of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses and empowering people with their data.

According to a recent press release, Version 1 is centered around basic data sharing and monetization. It is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to share data and see their earnings by simply toggling through the extension’s intuitive UI. Once the extension is installed, all the user has to do is continue to use the internet as they normally do, and they will be rewarded with cryptocurrency in their Cirus wallet.

Installation Steps

To install and use the extension, simply download the Cirus Browser Companion for Google Chrome. Once installed, register and confirm your account. Once registered, you can start earning by using the internet as you normally do. Be sure that the ‘Surf ‘n Earn’ button is turned on.

That’s all it takes to launch into the Ownership Economy, a new era in which the power of data is given back to private users. It will be interesting to see what this powerful new paradigm shift – coupled with the easy-to-use browser extension – will mean for the wider web3.0 ecosystem and what kinds of services and applications will be built around the concept of the private ownership and monetization of data.

Future Plans

According to official sources, the next iteration of the browser extension will come with a number of exciting features. These include the Cirus Data Vault, which will allow for finer, more granular control over data sharing, as well as an expanded ‘Build your Profile’ feature and support for multiple browsers, including Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

In terms of ecosystem development, the CIRUS token blockchain is rumored to be planning additional integrations and partnerships in the not-too-distant future – the Cirus Foundation announced integration with the Binance Smart Chain on Thursday. Also, the Cirus Browser Extension itself has the potential to set off a crypto adoption boom, because it significantly reduces the obstacles to crypto adoption and makes it safe and easy for people to earn crypto, share data, and see the benefits they can enjoy by doing so. These developments will likely open the gates for a new wave of services and applications to be built for the public on the Cirus platform.