This Crypto-Christmas Craze: ETH Skyrockets, WhatsApp Crypto Payment System and HUH Token Seen An Estimated 10M+ in Trades Since Launch

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HUH Token appeared to have one of the best first few days on the cryptocurrency market, with the newcomer reaching all-time highs for itself and HUH Token holders. With a steady stream of transactions and an equal amount of buzz surrounding HUH Token, it will be interesting to see where the token goes in the coming year.

Though, based on these early results, the future for HUH Token appears to be very bright.

Similar to another altcoin, Ethereum, which has had a 15% gain this month and has undergone big structural modifications as part of its Arrow Glacier update. Though it appears that Ethereum has done so without causing any inconvenience to its users and, in the process, has reduced its energy use.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular end-to-end encrypted messaging service, appears to have intentions to enter the cryptocurrency industry as a payment method… Could this lead to Facebook, dubbed Meta, gaining a monopoly in the bitcoin market?

HUH? Over 10 Million So Soon?

HUH Token went live on December 6 and has had a lot of success since then. On PancakeSwap, where HUH Token and other cryptocurrencies can be acquired, HUH Token ranked in the top 20.

And more information o the newcomer amidst this crypto Christmas craze can be found on the likes of BitForex, Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Uniswap, Poocoin and BSC Scan, amongst others.

HUH Token recently increased the value of HUH for its holders by burning a generous amount of USD 4million worth of HUH Token.

Before HUH Token’s first week is up, the newcomer has a massive 4 million trading volume, according to PancakeSwap, which at the time of writing this article had skyrocketed to over USD 10million!

That’s impressive for a brand-new altcoin, and HUH Token appears to be shattering glass ceilings as it finds them.

HUH Token had incredible pre-sale success, some of which hadn’t even been witnessed by Shiba Inu in its early days… HUH Token and HUH Token holders could have a bright future ahead of them.

The multipurpose ‘Utimeme,’ HUH Token, had witnessed a 69 percent transaction rise in just 10 hours during its first weeks on the marker, indicating that HUH Token is always rising in popularity and breadth.

As a result, the value of HUH Token improves for HUH Token holders.

If you’re interested in becoming a HUH Token holder, you may now take advantage of a unique referral system in which you’ll be given a code that, when used by your relatives or friends, will provide them a 10% sales fee reduction and you a 10% BNB bonus on their initial deposits.

You can use the code as many times as you like.

Ethereum Mania

This week, Ethereum gained 15% in anticipation of the Arrow Glacier update, which took place on December 9th.

The initiative aimed to reduce Ethereum’s power consumption because the cryptocurrency community had expressed worry that the coin’s current practises were not environmentally friendly.

Ethereum’s designers promptly replied with an inventive and problem-solving call to action, converting Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, and as a result, Ethereum has experienced yet another fever.

Ethereum managed to rank in the top three cryptocurrencies in the world this week, thanks to its community-driven wisdom, as well as a significant percentage market rise.

WhatsApp-Metaverse Edition of A Facebook Monopoly?

With its statement that it would be rebranding Facebook as Meta, Facebook generated tsunami-sized waves in the IT industry, and with it, a whole Metaverse opened up in the cryptocurrency world.

With WhatsApp testing a bitcoin payment system, it may appear like Facebook has infiltrated the cryptocurrency Metaverse… which may not be a terrible thing.

WhatsApp’s technology, through its messaging service, might be a new safety in the cryptocurrency sector, helping to protect cryptocurrency holders from people withdrawing currencies from their wallets, and so on…

Safety is always a major component of cryptocurrencies, which is why HUH Token, WhatsApp, and Ethereum could be the cryptocurrency or payment platform you’re looking for.

It’s important to remember that before investing in cryptocurrency, you should do as much research as possible on the cryptocurrencies you’re interested in.

This can be done by looking at the cryptocurrency’s social media pages, such as the ones listed below for HUH Token, or reading the White Papers, as it’s always best to grow a foundation of knowledge before buying into cryptocurrencies.

The crypto Christmas craze isn’t over yet, and you could just be in time for the cryptocurrencies to rocket to the moon in the new year.

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