CEO Steps Down

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Io.Net, a decentralized infrastructure provider based on Solana, has replaced its CEO just two days before its native token is set to launch on Binance Launchpad.

The platform, which allows users to contribute spare graphics processing power to a shared pool in exchange for token-based payment, announced that co-founder Ahmad Shadid will be stepping down from his role as CEO and will be replaced by fellow co-founder and former COO Tory Green.

The decision was made in order to ensure the company’s continued growth and success without any distractions. Shadid also announced his plan to contribute one million of the upcoming tokens to the company’s Internet of GPUs Foundation in order to support the ecosystem.

The new CEO, Tory Green, reassured users that the company will continue to execute its mission of becoming the world’s largest AI compute network and bringing AI to the world. The launch of the native token is still set to happen on June 11 on Binance’s Launchpool.