Gemholic Project Accused of Being a Rug Pull

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There is growing concern within the cryptocurrency community following a suspected rug-pull involving the Gemholic project and the zkSync network.

Users affected by the alleged scam have come forward on social media platform X to warn others. NSerec, the founder of Zkmarkets, has confirmed that Gemholic has embezzled $3.5 million.

In the X post, NSerec stated that Gemholic had deceived its investors for over a year by falsely promising refunds. Once the funds were finally unlocked, the team executed what looked like a rug pull.

NSerec revealed that the contract creator’s address was allegedly funded by Binance, and urged community members with knowledge on how Binance could assist to come forward.

Despite completing Know Your Customer (KYC) verification with SolidProof, a verification service, there has been no public statement addressing the situation.