• May 21, 2024


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Number of Bitcoin ATMs in Australia Exceeds 1,000

ByLouis Adams

Apr 25, 2024 #Bitcoin
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Australia has achieved a new accomplishment as the third-largest location for Bitcoin and crypto ATMs with 1,000 active machines in operation.

As of April 24, there are 1,002 Bitcoin ATMs across the country, making up 2.7% of the global network.

In comparison, the United States and Canada were the first two countries to hit the 1,000 ATM mark in November 2017 and January 2021, respectively.

The US currently hosts the majority of Bitcoin ATMs at 82.8% with 31,170 machines, while Canada has 7.8% with 2,918 machines.

Until recently, Australia had a low number of crypto ATMs, but the adoption rate has increased significantly since the end of 2022, largely due to the involvement of private companies.

In April 2023, Australia surpassed Asia in Bitcoin ATM numbers, and it is on track to exceed Europe’s 4.3% share of the global network with 1,617 machines installed.