• February 28, 2024


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Bitfinex: Volume of Profitable Bitcoins Reaches Highest Level in 2 Years

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According to a recent report by Bitfinex analysts, the percentage of potential profit-generating Bitcoins has reached 83.7% of the total supply, the highest figure since November 2021.

The study also revealed that around 16.3 million BTC are being held by owners who are not actively selling, while buyers are not actively seeking to acquire these coins.

Experts believe this is primarily due to the modest size of unrealized gains.

Additionally, the ratio between short-term and long-term holders has shifted in favor of long-term holders, with 70% of Bitcoin not moving in the past year and 60% remaining motionless for two years.

Bitfinex specialists stated that this indicates a strong market position, as owners are seeing positive returns on their investments and are not eager to sell.