• November 30, 2023


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Crypto Miner Marathon Digital Mistakenly Mines an Invalid Bitcoin Block

ByLouis Adams

Sep 28, 2023 #Bitcoin, #mining
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Mining company Marathon Digital mistakenly mined on September 27 an invalid block at height #809,478 on the Bitcoin mainnet due to a transaction ordering error.

As a result, the block was rejected by other participants in the network because they were trying to use funds from an unprocessed transaction through it.

The correct block #809,478 was eventually mined by the Foundry USA pool.

Marathon representatives later admitted to the error, stating that it was an unforeseen mistake. However, they clarified that this was not an intentional attempt to change the Bitcoin network.

The company’s team noticed the invalid block at the same time as others and promptly fixed the issue.

This incident serves as a testament to the network’s robust security, as it was able to reject and resolve the anomaly.